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Armenia is located a short distance from several national parks in Quindio: parks that are fun, family friendly and boast some of the most beautifully maintained grounds in Colombia. Quindio is so gorgeous that many areas are known as World Heritage sites. When planning a trip, visitors can choose to stay in a traditional Colombian home, which can house six to eight people comfortably,  or guests can stay at a luxurious Decameron Panaca Hotel. Either way you choose to experience The Department of Quindio, visit the parks!

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Try them with your favorite salsa, with butter or honey; stuff them with chicken, carne asada, or at ‍‍‍breakfast with eggs and chorizo. You may also choose to try them in a car, in a tree, in a boat, with a goat, in the rain, on a train, or just plain...

In short, Arepas are an incredibly versatile and flexible treat that everyone in your family will enjoy!

Quindio, Colombia

June 21, 2018‍‍‍

Quindio in Its Glory

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The Department of Quindio,Colombia is located two and a half hours northeast of Cali, along the Cordillera Central mountain range. Interestingly enough when traveling via car, d‍‍‍on’t look for highway names; instead, look for signs that point you in the direction of a specific town or location, such as Armenia, which is the capital of Quindio.

Remember, when you are on the road in Colombia to pack friambre--delicious food to eat along the way. Everyone packs food for longer trips in a car, so take a picnic baskets of delicious food and arepas--good with whatever!

Located at the equator, Colombia enjoys a diversified climate. Several mountain ranges‍‍‍ run nearly vertical through the country and create high peaks and lush valleys in the western half of the terrain. The mountain ranges are part of the Andes, known as Cordilleras. There are three ranges, Cordillera Occidental, which is closest to the Pacific Ocean. The middle range is k‍‍‍nown as Cordillera Central, and the most inland mountain range is named Cordillera Oriental. At the southern end of the country, the Amazon River begins from a branching of smaller rivers and flows south into Brazil. With the varied climates of the country, Colombians have enjoyed a most diversified landscape, which has created unique features for each of the five regions of Colombia.

‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍The Department of‍‍‍ Quindio

The Department of Quindio is home to the majority of the coffee grown in Colombia. If you are Colombian and family comes to visit, the destination location to take them is the Parque Nacional del Café. Coffee lover or not, the park’s splendor is its green and abundant plant life. Be daring and take the kids and yourself on an amusement ride. Spend the day walking along th‍‍‍e trails and over a steel floating bridge. The Parque Nacional del Café is a destination for family who are visiting, or if you are a tourist wanting to know more about Colombia and coffee. Regardless, the beauty of the park is worth the price of admission.

Did you know that Quindio is home to many protected areas of jungle and green space? The Quindio Botanical Gardens, which has its own butterfly farm, includes 15 hectares of protected flora and fauna, and is only five miles east of Armenia. Spend the day waiting for capricious butterflies to land on a finger or shou‍‍‍lder, and then explore the park’s trails and soak in the scenery, all the while rejuvenating a fascination with Colombia’s wild jungle side!

Do you love to see animals having a good time? Would you like to ride a horse through a park? Parque Panaca in Quindio is ‍‍‍dedicated to animals: horses, pigs, ostriches, and bulls. There is a dog show too. Take pictures with a bull and watch pigs race to the finish line in customer. Enjoy the day on the farm, loving the animals that are well taken care of in Parque Panaca--a park meant for family friendly fun and hilarity, thanks to the animals!                                  

The Department of Quindio is host to gorgeous parks centered around the land, animals and plants in the region. Setting up a base of operations in Armenia allows visitors to explore the Department and basque in Colombian culture. Remember to pack friambre if you are‍‍‍ driving any distance in Colombia; use the signs to point you in the direction of the location that you want to go, and above all, remember to enjoy Arepaes-    

good ‍‍‍with whatever!

This is the beautiful Parque del Cafe is nestled in the hills of Quindio and is the home of coffee growers. Coffee lovers visit this area and are in heaven smelling the wonderful aromas of the city. Tourists, especially families love to visit since there are so many things to do in Parque del Cafe. The parks is definitely worth the price of admission.